This is part of a larger collection of stories that are related in a second cousin kind of way. The framework that loosely holds them together is located in a story titled Inn Situ. Excerpts from other stories will be posted from time to time, in addition to the process involved in attempting to get the entire collection published.

In situ is a phrase from Latin that roughly translates to “in the place”. It is used extensively in the field of archaeology, but has other applications as well. There are few places in the world where all aspects of the human condition are so readily on display as in an innkeeper’s establishment. Thus, with a bit of creative license, it can be easily adapted to a good name for a pub, the Inn Situ, and the stories such an establishment can spawn. With a bit more creative license, we can encompass life as a whole: stories that relate to the human condition in situ–in the place.

The stories in this collection are just that; tales of intrigue and mayhem and perhaps, just a touch of magic. A few of them are closely related to, even dependent upon some of the others. Most are the stories of individuals who frequent our Inn Situ and offer their unique perspectives on the world which they inhabit.

Sedona, Arizona offers some of the most breathtaking vistas in the American Southwest. There are many who believe it to be a sacred place, or a place of mystery and spiritual renewal. People travel to this Red Rock country from all over the world in hopes of experiencing one of the many energy vortices that Sedona is famous for. With the awe inspiring views and the mysteries of Sedona as a backdrop, we welcome you to The Inn Situ.