James Simmons Character Sketch

Simmons started out as kind of a blowhard character; always talking and annoying. However, after his first appearance at the Inn, in Barkeep!, his place in the overall concept of the story took on a much greater stature. He somehow finds his way into the stories of several other patrons of the bar and he has become the resident story-teller-in-chief.

Scott wrote a gritty, hard-hitting piece titled Brenda Alvarez: The Road Has Spoken, using Simmons to cheer the redemption of an improbable hero. One of my pieces introduces an orphanage that has ties to Simmons in a couple of much later stories, one from Scott and another from me.

In an episode of “time-slipping”, Simmons makes another appearance. In all of these later stories, he is more a welcome teller of tales than the original blowhard I had him penciled in as. Strange how characters morph the more we get to know them.

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