Off To The Proof Reader

The final edits on Inn Situ, Volume I are about done. At least as far as I can go on them. Boy, some of the obvious typos should have been caught several drafts ago. Must be time to locate a new set of rented fingers to help me avoid some of those glaring mistakes from the beginning. So far, I’ve found missing punctuation, mistyped words, non-present letters, duplicated letters and some stray thought fragments that seem to have magically appeared after the last round of edits. Gremlins in the machines again.

Thus far, we do not have a publisher lined up. I wanted to develop the best manuscript possible before attempting to send it off to a publishing house. Listed below are the titles of the stories in the order they appear in this first volume: (Active links are provided to the first 3 stories in this collection, plus the Genealogy story. Feel free to leave any comments!)

  1. Replica
  2. Hello Dolly
  3. Barkeep! Another Round for Me an’ My Pals
  4. Long, Slow Train
  5. Shades of Home
  6. You, Me and James Dean
  7. Timepieces
  8. Genealogy
  9. The End of the World
  10. Another Night is Done
  11. The Road Has Spoken, Part I
  12. The Road Has Spoken, Part II
  13. Opportunity Knocks
  14. Ghosts
  15. Prospector
  16. Wind’s Child, Part I
  17. Balance
  18. Wind’s Child, Part II
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