The Inn Situ Stories, Volume II

Just a status update on Volume II, here at the Inn. I know, I know, Volume I is just now at the proof readers and we don’t have a publisher, or a market (maybe that should be a market or a publisher) lined up yet. Why in the world would there be an update about Volume II already? Maybe we’re experiencing our own version of time slipping and this is how it plays out in the real world. Maybe, this close to Halloween, the ghosts of those inner voices we hear (whether we wish to or not…) are in control and we have no choice but to continue to write these stories.

The first 100 pages or so in Inn Situ, Volume II will be stories that are very closely related to several others in the first volume. One is the conclusion—we think—of The Road Has Spoken by Scott; another of mine, Windsong is deeply intertwined with the Road stories, using some of the same characters, although introducing them from an earlier time than their appearances presented by Scott.

Another story in Volume II is a bit of a flashback piece. As a working title, Nowhere To Go But Down is a deeper exploration into the character of James Simmons, who first makes an appearance in Barkeep! Another Round for Me an’ My Pals. There are multiple other appearances of this character through many of the stories because… well, that’s just the kinda guy James is.

We have unconfirmed rumors of a story about Joe Bechter’s dad from another author. We’re hoping to get that confirmed over the next few weeks. There are others that currently are only spirits of stories, or ghostly wisps of ideas that haunt our dreams and cause our families to shake their heads as they walk by, whispering “He’s at it again. Maybe we should get him some help.”

Thanks for visiting the Inn Situ. Pull up a seat at the bar and feel free to tell us your story of life, in situ… in the place. Those are the stories that make us human.

— michael

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