Cyndee Who Used to be Cindee

Or, perhaps I could be a bit more dramatic: "To be, or not to be Cyndee? That is the question." Just as there are a number of places that have contributed to the character of the Inn Situ, the bar itself, so too, Cyndee is a composite. She is all of those waitresses from widely scattered geographies, who, during different times in my life, would stand and listen to my tales of woe or joy, refill at the ready. She is made up in part of some of those waitresses that I was fortunate (or not… ) to get to know a little better in situations outside of their working environment.

Cyndee has worked at a theater, a drive-in root beer stand, a Denny’s, a breakfast cafe and at multiple drinking establishments. Without Cyndee to interact with the customers, those places tend to lose a bit of their character and quite often, most of their appeal and attraction.

I raise my glass… or my coffee cup… or my root beer mug to all the Cyndees in the world. I truly appreciate all that you do to keep me coming back. I hope that Hello Dolly conveys some of that appreciation.

— michael

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