Corrections and Updates

This post is mainly to correct some earlier mistakes in posts that have been presented here. First, Inn Situ, Vol. I, either I lost a finger, or I must have been using fingers other than mine to count on, because, try as I might, I can only come up with 18 stories rather than the 19 stated in the earlier post.

Also in that same post, I stated that Scott’s blog was at ECKOVISION. I must have been out of coffee that morning, because Scott actually blogs at the Madhouse Theater site. Scott’s uber-creative collaborator, John Ecko blogs at ECKOVISION. Sorry guys. Sometimes what I type bears no resemblance to what I’m thinking. And then there’s those other times when it does. That’s usually when the goofy mistakes occur.

Speaking of Mr. Ecko, he has expressed interest in joining this little cadre and contributing some concrete content to the collection. We, of course, never considered calling him off and quickly welcomed him to the collaborator’s collective, offering him coffee (and conditional compensation, contingent upon public consumption of content).

A couple of posts later in Inspiration, I obviously forgot how to count again—or was short on my caffeine intake—because I only counted 17 stories, and then again in the next post A Comma to a Semicolon, I again counted 19. So I’ve decided to go looking for that missing story and leave the numbers to someone else. Like my seven year old.

One other correction that I need to make is more behind the scenes. Sent Scott a username and password a while back, but forgot to get everything else necessary to allow him to log in and post. It’s hell to get old. So… as of today, that mistake has been corrected.

As for updates, we have confirmation from the author of the Walter Bechter (Joe’s dad) story that it will be coming. It is currently in its third revision, but has been temporarily interrupted due to pending publication of another piece or two.

Scott has 3 (4? 5? more?) in the works for Volume II already, plus the possibility of Mr. Ecko’s additions. Unless my counting is off again, that’s going to make another 17, 18, or 19 stories for Volume II. Or is it 12?

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