On the Road to Publication

For starters, I am excited to report that I’ve finally defeated the monster of procrastination and have successfully completed my round (rounds) of editing for Inn Situ Volume One.  I’m sure Michael and I could spend the next century going through these pieces again and again and still not catch everything…lol.  But I take great solace in the fact that we both have gone to great lengths to give the revision process its fair due in the hope that these stories are as ready as we can make them.

The next step, of course, is that sometimes long and precarious road to publication where many great stories run the risk of falling to the wayside on that slow journey to becoming known; never to see the light of day on their way to reaching a larger audience.  And again, it wasn’t that they were unworthy tales, just unknown.

As I recently found out that the local Barnes & Noble bookstore in my area may be closing its doors in the near future, just as the local Borders had already done so, I can’t help speculating on the ever-changing world of publication which seems to be evolving at an alarming rate these days.  I’m left wondering how close we are to the extinction of that treasured novelty I once called the “book store”.  I’ve watched smaller used book stores die off one by one over the last few years and it saddens me.  Even local libraries in my area have begun the transition to “e-book” catalogs, knowing that they too must keep up with the demands for a quickly rising market of downloaded virtual books.

It’s become increasing apparent that traditional publishers are changing the way book business is conducted and adapting to the new technologies making it more affordable and efficient to embrace the virtual word over the printed.  Book markets are in flux.  Will this make the road to publication via the traditional route more restrictive as fewer new authors are considered, or will new roads with new opportunities become available?  Time will tell.

And just as the technologies have changed, we too as writers must evolve (although I personally shudder at the thought of not having that new just-off-the-press copy of the printed word in my hand) and we must understand that the cyber-book, for better or worse, is here to stay.

I am not insinuating in any way that Inn Situ has starting receiving rejection letters, we’ve just started the process, but anyone who’s ever submitted anything for publication, whether online or off, knows that there is a waiting period.  And that is what can make or break the journey of any story should an author lose faith.  I can safely say that Michael and I are excited about this project and that we are far from losing faith…we are Inn Situ fanatics!

So where does Inn Situ stand?  As Volume One begins its journey down that road to publication, I can say with complete confidence that it’s a story worth reading.  Of course, one could say that I am completely biased in my assessment.  Perhaps.  However, I’ve never been involved in any writing project such as this where I have stepped back from these tales, sometimes for months at a time when writing anything was the farthest thing from my mind, only to return, rereading the material as a whole, and have found myself inspired after each reading with a strong desire to jump back in and continue to tell these stories.  In retrospect, I’ve written plenty of unrelated stories that have made me cringe after later reads, but not so with Inn Situ.  At times I’ve felt compelled to write as these characters have demanded my immediate return and so I must oblige…lol. That is always a great feeling (addiction) for a writer to experience, and for me, this is a tell-tale sign that a writer may have stumbled on to something much bigger than he ever imagined.  Inn Situ is like that for me.  Rather than forcing myself to write stories to make this project into something, it feels like I’ve stumbled into the middle of something very old and hidden away for years.  We are less writers in this venture, and more explorers discovering more of this story as we move along.

When I think back to when Inn Situ started as an idea for a collaborative story between writers, posed by Michael back in October 2010 on a small writer’s forum, and that he single-handedly kept the idea alive when it appeared that no one was interested and did so for another half a year before I joined up in the summer of 2011, I can’t help thinking that the Inn Situ project had already come a long way from inception to now, and has proven thus far, that it is here to stay no matter how long it takes for these stories to be told.

It’s now February, 2013, nearly two and a half years since Inn Situ began, and it’s only building momentum as time continues.  Will Volume One get published?  One way or the other, the answer has to be a resounding “Hell Yes!”.  Will Inn Situ fall to the wayside on this long road to publication?   No way.   I can’t say that its writers won’t have lapses as life gets in the way, but we will return from absences and Inn Situ will still be there waiting.

As for the immediate future, publication aside, we already have 11 new stories either started or pending for Volume Two and there’s just no stopping it now.  Any great story worth reading, whether known or unknown, starts with the belief that writers just know that they are on to something good and that belief in the writing ensures that it will eventually be completed, come hell or high water, and that the stories that make up the Inn Situ Chronicles, whether three books or ten, will be written.  For all great stories need to be told.


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