On the Road to Perdition… er… Publication

Just a quick follow up to Scott’s last post. Based on Scott’s input, and another set of eyes, there are a few edits to make on Volume I before bundling it up to try and garner a publishing editor’s approval. Hopefully, these will be quick—provided I don’t get a wild hair and decide to rewrite a couple of the pieces.

I can tell you that Inn Situ, Volume I is about 47,000 words in length and comprised of 18 stories (I had my 7 year old count the stories this time, and let Word count the words, so I’m pretty sure the counts are correct). Given the labor and the time that have gone into these stories, the word count strikes me as a little low. However, the other stories in the works (11 so far, as Scott mentioned in his last post) are definitely part of a separate volume, based on their content and the directions a few of them have taken.

I honestly feel that Volume I is as complete as the two of us can make it. The stories cover a wide range of what it means to be human: the emotions, the personal interactions, some of the hopes, and some of the fears. Scattered throughout are the quirks and shortcomings of our individual characters, often juxtaposed with moments of dignity and virtue, much as in real life. Plus, they go a long way toward setting the stage for the stories that are currently populating Volume II.

My hope is that fate smiles on us and as these stories begin to find their way to the desks of the decision makers, they will spark an interest somewhere and move from the realm of the unknown into the realm of the known and enjoyed.

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