I have just finished the first draft of a story for Inn Situ, Volume II that I am calling Dormant. There is always a certain sense of satisfaction in completing a story, a feeling of reprieve from the intense labor involved in creating and telling a comprehensible, likable story.

Occasionally, there is something more. Every once in awhile, there is an internal assessment that says “Hey, that’s really good.” It is not boastful, nor narcissistic, but rather an acknowledgement that the creative work embodies all or most of what it means to be an author—that the mysterious combination of research, tale-telling and conveyance of ideas have all combined on a particular effort to produce something that stands out in some way from the greatest share of an author’s work and merits special attention.

Dormant is a complex story that required multiple voices to tell it correctly. It is a story wrapped in speculation, and cocooned in the viewpoint of a central character that, but for words spoken in anger, might never have been part of the story at all. On the surface, it is a story about a boy and his car and his relationship with his family, but in reality, it is much deeper than that.

I hope you will enjoy reading it in Volume II as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. And thanks for stopping by the Inn!

— M —

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