Hijacked by the Road

I was currently about eight pages into a new story for Volume II that takes another look into the Shades of Home orphanage, which first appeared in Michael’s chilling tale, “Jenny Lynn- Shades of Home” found in Volume I, when out of nowhere, another pending story grabbed me at gunpoint and demanded my immediate attention!

It seems that “The Road Has Spoken (Part III)” has decided that it’s ready to be told and I must oblige.  This final installment has been slowly brewing for quite some time and
it’s been pouring out of me these last two nights, growing from the initial four page draft to twelve pages and counting.

I was totally caught off guard by the early arrival of this tale, since I was planning on revisiting my rough draft in a few weeks and preparing to resume research for what I believed would be a tough moving start to this conclusion.   That no longer
seems to be case.

It would appear that the vortices are at work once again, dictating the order of things, and that I might have a completed, very rough draft to this story by the end of the week.


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