Feast: Henry Smith

Feast: Henry Smith for Inn Situ. Copyright (c) John Ecko

‘Feast’ Copyright © 2013 John Ecko. All rights reserved.

Here is John’s third piece from the Inn Situ Chronicles visual series centered around an odd young man named Henry “Helium” Smith who’s first introduced in a story titled “Wind’s Child” featured in Inn Situ Volume One.

After a tragic incident involving a tornado that kills his parents, Henry, just a small boy at the time, becomes a media sensation when he is discovered roaming Oak Creek Canyon, miles away from the location of the incident. Some believe the tornado swept him clear across the wilderness while others say he was abducted and later released near Oak Creek. As he grows older, Henry is often found in areas where strange events have occurred and he is the subject of many stories told by both locals in and around Sedona as well as the local Indian tribes in the area.

As a result of his trauma, Henry develops an uncanny phobia that’s convinced him that if he’s not tethered to heavy object while outdoors, he will simply float away into the sky. His condition makes him the target of much abuse by mean-spirited locals who have dubbed him “Helium”.

At one point in his story, Henry is taken up on the back side of Cathedral Rock and chained to an old Juniper tree on the edge of a precipice overlooking a dark chasm where he’s left to confront his worst fear- the night sky. John’s visual poem is directly inspired by that event. Henry appears in both Inn Situ Volume One and Volume Two (already in progress).

[Editor’s Note: This was originally published here at The Inn Situ in March of 2013. Though the post has my name on it because of being re-posted, the copyright is exclusive to John Ecko.[/Editor’s Note]

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