That’s Where the Stories Live

I’ve always been a fan of the unexplained, the mysterious, the conspiracies. I have frequently spent hours perusing materials and opinions on topics ranging from archaeology to space exploration. What did we find? What do we think we know? What do we not know?

Most of the time, these journeys are not designed to provide a definitive answer for my inquiring mind. Rather, they are pursued to find the questions, the alternative theories, the other possible (no matter how remote) explanations. The reason? Because that’s where the stories live. In the margins between accepted reality and flights of imagination, the "what ifs" lend themselves to an expansive universe of possibilities.

It is out of this murky, chaotic background that the stories of the Inn Situ form. From the depths of the unknown, the unusual, the unidentified monsters in our dreams and nightmares, the unforgettable experiences of the human condition, our characters invade our minds, take up residence in our souls, insisting on telling us their stories. Or perhaps insisting that we tell their stories, if there is such a distinction. They eat dinner with us, ride to work with us, intrude on family time and often cause the sounds from the TV or the radio (or conversation) to fade to the white noise of background radiation left over from the creation of the cosmos. As authors, we live our lives navigating these uncharted paths. In the words of Joseph Bechter, the bartender at our Inn Situ:

Never quite a smile, though the Madness smirks
from out beyond the light where the Darkness lurks…

Excerpt from Prey

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