A Note on the Inn Situ Project

For the most part, I have attempted to craft my stories in accordance with the style set forth at The Purdue Online Writing Lab—The Owl. Although not entirely consistent with the manners, methods and mechanics presented in this exceptional writers’ resource, in areas involving the use of apostrophes, numbers and other punctuation and grammar, in most cases, the guidelines at the Owl should apply.

Any instance in which this is not the case is strictly the fault of this author, either through failure to comprehend what the Owl was instructing, or willingly bending the rules on occasion, or simply the lack of foresight to check to see what the actual rules and guidelines should be and relying simply on memory (an ancient sieve trying to hold water) or intuition (faulty, fanciful and often wrong).

Scott and I have not collaborated on the use of style manuals or guidelines, so you may notice some minor differences in our individual methods and practices in terms of grammar and punctuation. There have been some discussions on forums long ago that we participated in, but they were simply that: discussions. There was not a consensus to be reached, no concessions to be made. We, and the others participating in the conversation made up a rather diverse group of past teachings, partial remembrances, sources cited and personal preferences. The conversation was enriching, enlightening, and entirely devoid of enforcement of any kind on the participants.

Perhaps if this were the third or fourth anthology we had been in charge of producing, we might have modified the participation rules to add specifics about grammar style, submission formats, non-disclosure agreements, governing laws for the universe we’ve created and all the other elements that go into the business aspects of writing and more specifically, writing in the world and confines of an anthology venture.

Perhaps. However, while all of that is a necessary and important portion of storycraft, and when correct will serve to make a story better, by itself, it is nothing more than the empty shell of a rocket: strange and fascinating and alluring, yet thoroughly impotent without the required fuel. Thus would be our Inn Situ stories if the grammar constructs were all guaranteed correct, if the punctuation were all precise, if the laws of the world were all laid and well-founded yet the stories themselves lacked character and heart or the ability to tickle the edges of intellect, brush the fringes of incredulous and fuel the fire of imagination.

~ M ~

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