Deuces Wild

It has been a summer long hiatus (and then some) from the Inn Situ project for me, and for that, I apologize. Either time is slipping by faster, or I spend more of it just wandering around in a daze amazed at all that I’m not getting done. Not sure which.

Jumping back into the fray, I have managed to complete another story for Inn Situ, Volume II. It is called: Lonnie Donaldson: Against the Wind.

This story grew out of a series of two’s, most of which I would not care to repeat. We spent two days in San Diego for my son’s graduation from Marine Corps Basic Training (pleasant enough!). The first day we could meet him, armed with inadequate directions and a couple minutes of forgotten time to check Google Maps, we found ourselves on top of the ‘Rosecrans Street Bridge’ twice—once from each direction—looking for the proper exit. After missing that, we took the next one and then proceeded to pass under the same overpass twice, once from each direction again until we finally managed to reach our destination.

Two days after returning to Phoenix, I spent two hours standing in the hall waiting for the boss to get back to the office to unlock the door. Seems I had managed to leave my keys on my desk—for the second time that day—and the door clicked shut with the lock engaged before I could catch it. I muttered a couple of curses and settled down to wait. That’s when this story came to me. I don’t believe that the "terrible two’s" had anything to do with the story, but sometimes, you never know. You can read Against the Wind here.

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