We’re sorry… but the character you’re trying to reach is no longer available…

Man, I’ve been away too long and I miss these stories.  Just wanted to check in and say first off, if you haven’t read Michael’s latest tale, Lonnie Donaldson:  Against the Wind, you need to go check it out under the stories tab.  It’s an outstanding story that reels you in until you feel like you’re right there with Lonnie, living all that he went through.  No spoilers from me… but it’s a ‘must’ read.

I was sitting around tonight thinking about Henry “Helium” Smith, a character introduced in Volume I of the Inn Situ Chronicles.   Young Henry was originally (or so I thought at the time) a character that I had created for a zombie novel I’m currently finishing.  Anyway, long before Henry’s scheduled appearance in said novel, an opportunity turned up for him to ‘guest star’ in the Inn Situ tales, where he not only made an appearance, but became an active member of the Inn Situ cast.  Henry really came to life, here, on the mysterious grounds of Sedona, Arizona and has thus remained.

When I finally arrived at the chapter in the zombie novel where Henry was originally slated to appear and become an integral part of the cast, it was like receiving one of those messages on the other end of a phone call when the number you thought you had dialed was correct, only to receive the puzzling, “We’re sorry,  but the number you are trying to reach is no longer in service” message.

It was just like that, because when I proceeded with the chapter in question, the chapter that had been planned and outlined so many months ahead of time… Henry was simply no longer available.

That’s when I understood.  Henry had been meant for Inn Situ all along.  I just didn’t know it until that moment.  It would appear that the character of Henry, who had started in the planning of one book, had come to life so well in another, that the powers-to-be, that Michael and I sometimes refer to as the “Voices in the Vortices”, had completely claimed him for their own purposes, intending that he remain in Arizona until further notice.

If nothing else, chalk this up as a bit of Inn Situ behind the scenes trivia, but for some of us, we know it to be a bit more…



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4 Responses to We’re sorry… but the character you’re trying to reach is no longer available…

  1. michael says:

    Those voices have indeed influenced — is that a softer word for “forcibly directed under duress and coercion”? — several of the characters and their stories for the Inn Situ tales.

    I am truly saddened that “Lord Vortex” has decided, at least for the moment maybe, that Henry should not appear in Don’t Feed the Dark. I generally tend to shun the “not fair” card, but in this case , that decision by the voices seems to be the very definition of unfair. A character you created for a specific purpose in a specific story is not to be used because he got “sucked up by the wind” and deposited in Arizona?

    I am, however, honored that Inn Situ is Henry’s home (again, at least for the moment) and swear to you (and to Henry) the trip will be worth it.

    ~ Michael

    • scott says:

      It’s all good, Michael. I truly believe now that Henry was always intended to be be here and not there. When I reached the chapter in question it was like there was no way young Henry would fit with the sudden turn of direction the story arc began to take. Keep an eye out for Chapters 16 -18 when I finally get around to posting them. That’s roughly where Henry was supposed to appear. It was originally my mystery character, Henry and a traumatized mute boy that were supposed to be travelling together in a world infested by the dead. It was supposed to be a much lighter, humorous story arc where I had a chapter titled: “We’re Off to See the Wizard” which depicted my mystery character trying to survive with his strange traveling companions. It has since become a much darker arc where my mystery character needed to be alone and there was no place I could see Henry’s character appearing at that point. So it all worked out in the end 😉

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