When the Mask Slips

I have just finished the very rough skeletal portions of a story for Inn Situ, Volume II titled Greg Jensen: When the Mask Slips. Currently, the framework consists of about 2000 words of story, some author notes and a fleshed out outline.

I expect, when it’s finally done, that the story will be somewhere between 4000 and 5000 words long (maybe longer…). At this point, it is a variation on the “time-slipping” phenomena that has played a part in a few of the other Inn Situ stories, but, in this case, with rather severe consequences — at least for Greg. No other spoilers from me.

Inn Situ, Volume I update. I expect to have a final, final edit on Volume I done within the week. The next step is sending out a few query letters at a time, hoping to garner some interest.

~ M ~

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3 Responses to When the Mask Slips

  1. Scott says:

    Another story… Awesome! I love the sound of that title, Michael. It sounds sinister. Can’t wait to read it when you’re done. Could you send me the final, final edit of Volume 1 when you’ve finished?


    • michael says:

      Yep. Can do. Which works better for you; Word document or PDF?

      I really need to quit with the new ones (or at least put them on hold for a bit…) and get back to finishing Windsong, though.

      • Scott says:

        Word document sounds good 🙂

        I’m hoping to have DFTD wrapped up by the end of August (rough draft anyway) and the online serial version completely posted by mid-October. I’m hoping September turns into a good time to take a break from zombies for a little while and get back to the Inn Situ stories that have been waiting for me. Time will tell.

        Good luck with Windsong, I know that one’s been a long time coming 😉

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