Arthur Dent, This is Your World

Whew! Talk about a temporal anomaly! I got up from the desk to get a refill on the coffee and somehow, 18 months have disappeared. Or were crammed into the dozen or two steps from the desk to the coffeepot and back. I feel like Arthur Dent chasing through the galaxy with Ford Prefect – “Help!”

I won’t bore you with the details, the specifics, the intricacies, the interlocking tangents, the dead ends and the wandered paths of the last year+ except to say that somewhere along the line I have morphed from Daddy to Grandpa and transmogrified from out of work to business owner. To translate (roughly): that means moving from having no money in my pocket to having even less money in my pocket.

I have been doing some writing though: tech support tickets, business overview, the beginning of a marketing plan, descriptions for our web hosting products… but, it’s time to make time for the Inn Situ once again. Time to stride through that door, belly up to the bar and let the stories out. Just don’t go near the coffee pot…



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When the Mask Slips

I have just finished the very rough skeletal portions of a story for Inn Situ, Volume II titled Greg Jensen: When the Mask Slips. Currently, the framework consists of about 2000 words of story, some author notes and a fleshed out outline.

I expect, when it’s finally done, that the story will be somewhere between 4000 and 5000 words long (maybe longer…). At this point, it is a variation on the “time-slipping” phenomena that has played a part in a few of the other Inn Situ stories, but, in this case, with rather severe consequences — at least for Greg. No other spoilers from me.

Inn Situ, Volume I update. I expect to have a final, final edit on Volume I done within the week. The next step is sending out a few query letters at a time, hoping to garner some interest.

~ M ~

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